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Chief School Officers were informed of the suspension of all elementary/intermediate NYS exams inclusive of the following:· 3 – 8 English Language Arts (ELA)· 3 – 8 Mathematics· 4 & 8 Science· NYS Alternative Assessments (NYSAA K – 12)· NYS English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) The official NYSED news release can be found below here
Parent Letter on CoVID 19 Precautions March 13, 2020
Over the last several days, staff members and teachers have done an incredible job of working to meet the needs of our students. All student educational materials can be located on the District webpage and can be accessed easily with a cell phone. No additional materials are required for students to complete work. Any items that students have kept in their lockers will be kept within the school until the District is directed to reopen. Efforts to return needed medication within the building to parents of students will be completed today. Mental health counseling has and will continue to be provided to students remotely over the phone. Beginning on Monday, our school lunch program will provide free breakfast and lunch for all children aged 18 or younger within the District. Details on distribution of these meals will be provided to families on Friday. Thank you all for your extraordinary patience and understanding in the face of this unprecedented situation. Should you have any questions, please utilize the question and answer form located on the District webpage. Thank you all and take care. Timothy J. Seymour, Superintendent

P2 Project

School Survey Links

Google Meet With Ms. Erica Preston

The Board of Education of the St. Regis Falls Central School District will be meeting remotely using the webex platform on Tuesday, April 7 at 6:00 PM. The remote meeting room will be opened at 5:45 PM in anticipation of the meeting. Any community member is invited to view the meeting as an attendee. For more information on joining the BOE Meeting visit the Board of Education page underneath the "About Us" Tab.

Elementary Students & Families

Early Elementary Resources

Panda Cam Zoo Atlanta

Beluga Webcam Georgia Aquarium

Museum Virtual Tour Boston’s Children’s Museum

100+ Free Video Read Alouds Indianapolis Public Library

Brightly Storytime Archives

Unite for Literacy Ebooks

Kids Size Cooking Channel

TumbleBookLibrary - K-6 e-books, animated storybooks, graphic novels, Read-a-longs, and activities

Direct Link:

Username: tumble735

Password: books

Tumble Book Library Walkthrough

TumbleMath - K-6 math ebook database, divided by math concept

Direct Link:

Username: tumble2020

Password: A3b5c6

Tumble Math Walkthrough

Upper Elementary Resources

NASA Kids' Club

30 Day Lego Challenge

San Diego Zoo Kids: Home

Monterey Bay Live cams

Authors Everywhere! Youtube channel with Writing, Drawing prompts from authors & Illustrators

Fun Stuff for Kids Online Smithsonian Institute

NASA STEM for Kids K-4

Cook With Amber Channel

Heartwarming Stories about Animals from the Dodo

Art for Kids Youtube Channel

Speech Services

with Mrs. Kittle

Here is a link for free downloads to work on speech sounds with your child:

Occupational Therapy

GoNoodle Videos-


A few of our favorite titles are:





Emotional Services & Tips

SEL Screentime Qs.pdf

Mr. Todd & Ms. LaPage's PE Recommendations

Be active for 30 minutes a day.

Play outside, go for a family walk, jump rope, hop scotch, bike ride (with your helmet), outdoor or indoor obstacle course.

Art at Home with Ms. V

For the elementary grades (PreK-3) could you please post the following links to do art at home. I encourage them to choose a drawing, at least twice a week.

The first link is Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems, the author of Elephant and Piggie books and Pigeon books!. He is posting daily lessons at 1pm. Each lesson is about 20 minutes.

The next link might be enjoyed by the older end of the bunch (grades 2 & 3). They'll find a lot of familiar characters to draw! Each lesson is about 10 minutes.

Grades 4-7 Art Workbook

Grades 4-7 Art Workbook.pdf

We are offering free access to Raz-Kids and Headsprout to schools and parents who don’t already have these products.

For Raz-Kids:

For Headsprout:

We have also set up a special page with additional resources to help you and your students’ families.

Secondary Students & Families

Middle School Resources

Virtual Tours - Yellowstone

FarmFood 360 Virtual Farm Tours

Tundra Connections 2019 Polar Bears

Great Wall of China Travel Guide Virtual Tour

BBC Earth Youtube Channel

NASA STEM for 5-8

Nerdy Nummies Cooking Channel

Heartwarming Stories about Animals from the Dodo

High School Resources

Wild Center - live streams

Birding | Audubon

Explore NASA STEM Resources for Students 9-12

Online Tours Louvre

BBC Earth Youtube Channel

Smithsonian Youtube Channel

Cook with Babish Channel

March 16-March 22 Met Opera will livestream an opera at 7:30 PM and it will be available for 20 hours

Suraj Fine Arts How to Channel

Rapid Fire Art How to Channel

Ted Talks

Danger of A Single Story

How I Learned How to Read and Trade Stocks in Prison

You are not Alone in your Loneliness

Your Brain on Video Games

How I Harnessed the Wind William Kamkwambe

The Nerd’s Guide to Learning Everything Online John Green

Teen Presenters Playlist

Most Popular Ted Talks Playlist

Why it is sometimes good to be bored Playlist

Most Bingeworthy Ted Talks Playlist

TeenBookCloud - gr 7-12 ebooks, audiobooks, graphic novels, and Read-A-longs

Direct Link:

Username: tumble2020

Password: A3b5c6

Teen Book Cloud Walkthrough

AudioBookCloud - This site is an audio book database for kids to adults, however the direct link below provides direct access to the children's section. Use the headings at the top to navigate to other content.

Direct Link:

Username: tumble2020

Password: A3b5c6

Audiobook Cloud Walkthrough

Mr. Gutenmann - Class Assignments

Technology_ Middle School (8th Grade).docx
Technology_ Wood Manufactoring.docx
Technology_ DDP 2 and DDP 3 - Mr. Gutenmann - Emergency Closing 10-Day Calendar .docx
Technology_ DDP 1 1st and 3rd periods.docx

Band with Mr. Ianaconi

Mr. Gagne - Health

Music with Mrs. O'Bryan


Mr. Todd & Ms. LaPage's PE Recommendations

For weight training and HSPE- google a body weight workout and to try out some different types of those. Be proactive and find what ones work for you!

You can always try

Completing one set of each exercise and then moving directly onto the next exercise:

20 body weight squats.

10 push ups.

20 walking lunges.

10 dumbbell rows (using a gallon milk jug)

15 second plank.

30 jumping Jacks.

Repeat for 3 rounds.

Art with Ms. V

Art Studio: Pop Art
Art History: Medieval, Romanesque and Gothic Art

Check out below for free resources!