7-12 Full Remote Plans

Secondary Full Remote Plan:

If or when the district is forced to move to a full remote only learning plan, students in grades 7-12 will be expected to follow their period by period schedule to attend synchronous, “live”,Google Meets with teachers and will submit work via Google Classroom. Please note that ALL BOCES students, and students who attend out of district placements, will continue to attend their programs in-person unless otherwise communicated.

  • If students have study halls, they should attend a Google Meet for attendance purposes. If they are in good academic standing and do not need any assistance, they may leave the Google Meet after attendance; however, if they are not in good academic standing or need help they must attend the study hall Google Meet.

  • If a student does not have internet service, other means for instruction will be necessary. In some cases, the district may be able to provide a Kajeet device for internet connection; however, Kajeets do not work in all areas of our district. If a Kajeet does not work in your area, school work and instructional materials will need to be dropped off and picked up. Please call the main office at (518) 856-9421 to set this up or for assistance.

Full Remote Schedules

7th Grade Schedule


8th Grade Schedule


9th Grade Schedule


10th Grade Schedule


11th Grade Schedule


12th Grade Schedule

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