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Q: will the picture retakes be updated to schooltool and the year books?

A: Yes! The picture retakes from 12/2/21 are being uploaded to SchoolTool today, and they will be used in yearbooks when those are printed.


Q: Why are we quarantining whole classrooms?

The students should be 6 feet apart at all times so this should never have to happen.

Is the school fallowing the guidelines and keeping students safe?

A: This is a great question that has been confusing people. Last year, we were required to have 6 feet of distance between students, which we did not have room for. This is why we had a hybrid schedule that had some students in the classroom some days, and the rest in the classroom on other days. This year, the regulations have changed, and we're allowed to have 3 feet of space between students rather than 6. This means that all students can fit into each classroom, and we can keep all students in school. It also means that students can be designated as exposures more easily because they are closer to their classmates. That's why we have seen entire classes being quarantined this fall.


Q: This is not so much a question but a concern I have for our students at St. Regis School I do not think that these teachers realize how hard it is being a full-time parent working full time and trying to teach our children is homework that was sent home was a little bit much for our children to try to comprehend and take care of at this time I feel that our teachers and the staff of Saint Regis Central School needs to step up their game and not try to put all the work on the parents the parents have enough struggle as it is in today's society dealing with covid and worrying about their jobs we shouldn't have to concern and worry yourself about educating our students when there is staff at that school all day long that they can do it that is my personal feeling and I'm sorry if I offended anybody at the school or any parent out there but this is the way I feel - Loren Fitzgerald

A: Thank you for sharing your concerns, Loren! We absolutely understand that it's incredibly difficult for parents to manage when their students have to do their schooling remotely. That’s a major factor we take into consideration when any decisions are made about shifting to fully remote learning. The pandemic has certainly been a challenge to manage, and the district does its best to balance those needs with the safety of students and staff. Our district leaders appreciate the huge amount of patience and effort that parents have shown over the last two years, and we hope not to burden you more in the future.


Q: Since we went online and there was no picture day retakes, will the retakes be rescheduled?

School picture retakes are now scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 2. Click here to find more information about getting your school photos redone.


Q: Why are we the only school that has gone remote twice in the last 2 months? Schools around us are able to remain open. Maybe we need to reevaluate how quarantines are being given. If we are following the DOH guidelines and the charts provided by them, then we shouldn't have to be putting so many students and staff into quarantine.

A: I appreciate the question, and I very much understand why you’re asking it. It’s easy to look at districts around us and wonder why things look different here. I want to assure you that I keep in frequent contact with leaders at the districts around us and am very much aware of their practices when it comes to COVID quarantines, tests, and other guidelines. Our staff at St. Regis Falls Central School District is following all guidelines from the state departments of Health and Education as well as from Franklin County Public Health. We only quarantine students and staff when necessary, according to those guidelines. I wholeheartedly believe that students learn best in the classroom, and my goal is always to keep them there as much as possible.

Our district’s small size allows us to provide individualized attention to each student and carries many other positives with it, but when it comes to COVID, it makes it very easy to wipe out a large percentage of our school community very quickly. Like most school districts across the state and nation, we are already struggling to fill our staff and substitute positions. When staff are sick or quarantined, we quickly run out of people to oversee the building’s operations.

The best way to ensure that your children are able to stay in school is to follow COVID guidelines carefully and get your family vaccinated.

~Superintendent Anne Young, Ed.D.

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