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All of the documentation hosted on this website will be in Adobe Acrobat format.  This is to ensure that our entire community will be able to view their contents in the most "web friendly" format.

You'll need to make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.  To download this free software, please click on the link below.  Thank you.

Documents Currently Available:
  Wellness Policy  Code of Conduct Coaches' Handbook
Student Athlete Handbook
  Grades Pre K-12 Student Handbook   Course Descriptions Guide
Distance Learning Course Description
District-Wide Safety Plan
St. Regis Falls Lead Results
St. Regis Falls Lead Results Follow-Up Letter
Summary of Smart School
Investment Plan

Smart School Contact Information
Instructional Technology Plan
   St. Regis Falls AIS Plan
   St. Regis Falls BOE Policy Manual      
 Job Application
Form to Report Bullying
Extraclassroom-Statement of Profit   and Loss
Extraclassroom-Fund Raising Activity Request Extraclassroom-Sales Tax Reference Guide The Safeguarding, Accounting, and Auditing of Extraclassroom Activity Funds
Dignity for All Act
Assessment Administration in Conjunction with Annual Professional Performance Reviews (APPRs)

2015-16 Independent Audit Report

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"It is our intention to keep this site updated with as much information as possible to keep our St. Regis Falls community informed."



  2017-18 Budget Newsletter

    2017-18 Salary Disclosure
    School Report Card 2015-16
 Fiscal Accountability Summary
Absentee Ballot Application
    2017 Exemption Impact Reports
2017-18 Property Tax Report Card





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